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„DEWY develops music like living pictures“ 

(KEYS about „Introversive“)

  1. 01-fuck-corona Dewy 3:35
  2. 02-get-me-now Dewy 3:02
  3. 03-desire Dewy 5:35


DEWY. It’s about: to follow. To obey. About humility. Toward music.

For about 20 years, DEWY has been producing his own music in this way, first with guitar, now with everything that comes his way. His music evolves as the music wants it, because he follows the music. It comes by itself, an idea, a melody, a mood, a thought.

The actual work begins with working out: how does it sound right? And when – what is still missing? What is too much?

So what’s the music like? Well, of course it’s pop music! With some expansive string arrangements and other orchestral instruments – many say they are reminiscent of movie soundtracks, in the tradition of John Barry and his James Bond works.

Very deep bass, multi-layered synth pads, gripping harmonies, pithy dissonances, countless intervening sound effects and speckles, so you can discover something new even after countless listening. Elaborate 3D reverb design, tonal moods. Too much? Too large? Mostly not!

At the end is the finished piece. Is it convincing, is it „true“?

If so, it will be released on the album. If not, it will linger. Sometime, months, years later, the missing part, the segment, the idea will come and the piece is ready.

In the meantime, several albums have been created in this way, most recently „Home“. 

Of course on vinyl, in the best DMM quality. Ready to be experienced on a good device.


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„It is quite difficult to pigeonhole the music created by DEWY; this is, however, what makes the whole thing so absorbing.

„It is quite difficult to pigeonhole the music created by DEWY; this is, however, what makes the whole thing so absorbing. (…) Strings,...

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